An extremely couple was killed by a lion while having s*x in the bush over the weekend, According to Live Monitor, the two lovers decided to park their car whilst driving in the Kruger National Park and got out to enjoy nature. Despite strict rules that visitors should not get out of their vehicles at all times during a drive.



Other visitors at the park said they saw a lion sneak in on something and decided to record thinking it was hunting for game but they got the shock of their lives when the lion sprung up and attacked its prey. They heard screams and realised the lion had set it’s eyes on a couple getting intimate in the bushes. Unfortunately nothing could be done to save the couple, according to one eye witness.

The couple’s names have not been revealed yet until their next of kin get notified.

Other visitors only watched as the pride of lions converged on the scene to share the catch.

“Their bodies were savaged and the only thing that remained was a pe_nis in a c0nd0m. The lions did not eat the pe_nis,” an eye witness said.

Park officials also refused to comment on the incident and said they would comment in due time.

“It is a sensitive matter. Visitors to the park are advised not to leave their vehicles. The rules are very strict but we always see people breaking them”.