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OMG!! Businessman Allegedly Shoots His Son Dead For Wearing His Mother’s Trousers!!


A businessman in Zambia has shot his son dead for allegedly wearing his mother’s trousers. Eastern Province police commissioner Alex Chilufya confirmed the incident, which occurred last night. A strong rumour this afternoon indicated that the man had been found dead near the Malawi border, although police could not confirm the speculation.

The father shot his son with a shotgun following what the father regarded as disturbing behaviour by the son. The son wore the mother’s trousers, so the father got a shotgun and shot him. He was initially wounded but later on the son succumbed and died, Chilufya said.

“We are investigating the whole matter and will definitely bring the culprit to book as well as recover the shotgun that has been used. Up until now, we haven’t gotten him, we consider him to be on the run. Initial indications were that he was going to hand himself to the police but he has disappeared, so we will go after him. We don’t have to wait especially that it’s a murder case. We have to follow every lead and every trail to ensure that we get him as soon as possible.”

On the names of the suspect and the deceased, Chilufya said he was still getting information but neighbours named the businessman as Martin Mwale, popularly known as ‘Mr Wonderful’ while the deceased was Martin Mwale Jr, who was in Grade 12 at Chipata Trades Secondary School. One of the neighbours who spoke on condition of anonymity but rushed to Mwale’s house when the incident happened, said it was unfortunate that the suspect decided to shoot his son in unclear circumstances.
“What happened is that Mr Wonderful found his wife questioning her son for wearing her trousers. So when he came, he just said ‘this child does not listen’, so he went in the bedroom and got a gun. He shot his son just below the abdomen and he threw the gun in the neighbour’s yard. After that, Mr Wonderful disappeared and indicated that he would hand himself over to the police. I am told he didn’t report to police but the people took the boy to hospital where he died around 01:00 hours,” he said.

He said the police officers who went to Mwale’s house recovered the firearm.

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