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Pastor, 38, Commits Suicide ‘Live on Facebook’ Because Of His Girlfriend (Photos/Video)

pastor comitted suicide

His relatives are shocked that Richard could kill himself and claim that they have never heard of the girl he is talking about in the video.

Richard Nhika, junior pastor and gospel musician from Zimbabwe recently killed himself and recorded everything on tape

In the video he claims that the cause of his death was an argument that he had with his girlfriend

Richard Nhika was only 38 years old

Recently, Richard Nhika, a 38 year old junior pastor and gospel musician, from Zimbabwe committed a shocking act of killing himself by ingesting large doses of pesticide and recorded his demise on tape.

According to the video the cause of his death was a conflict he had with his girlfriend, whom he refers to as Nomatter.

In the video Richard says: “I will always love you Nomatter, which is why when I saw you I never insulted you or said anything bad. I have decided to die next to this tree so that everyone can see, this is real poison you can even see for yourself.”

Richard drank a large dose of pesticide to seal the deal

He adds: “I will always love you Nomatter and thank you for taking away my life.”

His relatives are shocked by the sudden death of the pastor and can’t believe that such a happy young man could take away his life so suddenly.

“Two days before he died, he would wake up in the middle of the night praying and no one ever bothered to ask what was going on in his life,” his aunt said.

His relatives claim that they never heard of Richard having a girlfriend, but they stated that they would like to meet her so she could explain exactly what happened between them. The only thing the investigation has revealed is the woman and Richard went to the same church.

 Watch video of the late pastor below:








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