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Please Help!! “My Wife Demands That I Give Her Money Before Each S*xual Intercourse”


“I fell in love with a girl I married six months after we met, she embodies the profile of the woman I wanted as my child’s mother. His religious faith.

She does not miss any prayer and she exhorted me to do the same. However, a few years after our marriage, I realized that she was not a good Muslim. Whenever I needed to go into action, she would blackmail me. It’s like I was a stranger who had no rights over her. Whenever I reminded her of God’s recommendations concerning marriage she replied that what I gave her was not enough and that it was only in this way that she could have something of me. It was not true: I gave her everything she needed. One day, without her knowing it, I took her to a marabout.

The latter has both spoken to us without much change. On the contrary, the situation has worsened, I do not know what to do. These are not things that can be displayed in the public square. I find it a bit out of place to tell his father. On the other hand, I talked to his mother.

If you want my daughter to please you, you will have to give her what I currently can not remarry because I signed monogamy. I would divorce, I would lose all my possessions, and the other thing is that I can not commit adultery, because my religion forbids me , and my wife asks me for money. I feel that I am living with a prostitute and at the end of the month I am sexually well served because the money is there, as soon as the month is hollow, my lower abdomen feels it.

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