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SHOCKER: Because Of A Mobile Phone, This Man Kills His Girlfriend, Buries Her In A Corner Of The House!!




A young Malian living in Bata, Equatorial Guinea has committed the unthinkable. He murdered his girlfriend, an Equatorial Guinean because of a money story linked to a mobile phone. The worst of it is that after killing him, this young man buried his girlfriend in a corner of the house that he hires as a tenant. The police arrested him while he was preparing to leave the country for his native Mali.


According to the local press, last week, a dispute between a young Malian and his girlfriend had broken out. For this reason she asked for money. The girl asks the young man to give her his phone instead of the amount of money quarreled. Refusal of the boyfriend. Night falls they continue their dispute until a fight breaks out during which the girl receives a blow. She loses consciousness and dies, certainly a victim of a concussion. The panicked young man takes the body and buries it alone in a corner of his landlord’s house.

The next day, the parents alerted the police to report the disappearance of their daughter. Orange Guinea is used to determine the last number composed by the girl. The number of the young man is designated as last call.

The suspect was arrested when he had already taken his ticket to Mali. He eventually confessed to the murder and told the place where he had buried the girl. He was brought before the public prosecutor’s office in Bata, where he will be held accountable.


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