A crushed man has been left stunned and in agony in the wake of finding that his sweetheart is a business s*x specialist who lays down with men mature enough to father her.

A man utilizing the name Midas Henry has portrayed the stunning story how he discovered that her sweetheart is a high class pr0stitute who lays down with men mature enough to be her dad.

Read below:
“It happened yesterday. I called my girlfriend in the early hours of yesterday to come over to the house so we can chill or maybe hangout and have fun, but she told me she was on her way travelling to go to her uncle’s house. At first I was angry, because this is not the first time she is travelling without giving me prior notice, but as usual I said OK, and she said she would be back by Tuesday.
“I decided to go to a friend’s house because I was bored and on getting to my friend’s house he brought up the idea that we should club that night so I agreed. We later drove to a club that night at Owerri (Cubana). Lo and behold who did I see sitting with her bestie and two other old men, old enough to be her dad, was my girlfriend. She was so shocked when she saw me, but so I don’t spoil her fun I sat and acted as if I didn’t see her. But we both know we saw ourselves. 
“She has been calling me since last night but I have refused to pick. I am so angry that if I pick her call she would hate the words that would come out of my mouth. So I am pissed off and don’t know what to do because she is suppose to visit me tomorrow, and I really don’t even want to see her, because things might just get out of hand, so I just want to avoid her for now. Please, I need your advice on this.”