I just am still feeling somehow. Let me start from the top.

I moved into a new flat in Benin City recently. But I left my things in my other apt in Lagos. So I am still putting the House in order. I only have my electronics in the parlour but the rooms have been fixed up. I also have paid the guys making the seats but they are yet to finish up so in d interim I am using the carton of my TV to lay in the parlour while I watch TV whenever I’m home.

So this morning, I woke up said my prayers and stepped into the parlour. Opened the front door briefly and locked it, went back to my bathroom and washed my mouth. Then came back into the parlour to watch morning news.

I layed on the carton as I always do, but I was feeling some movement beneath the foamed part where I rest my head, at first I felt it was the from adjusting but on a second thought I got up to arrange it.

As I took the white foam up to shift it a little higher, lo and behold, a snake crawled out from beneath my “pillow”. I felt like disappearing. I screamed snake and my cousin who came in yesterday ran out of his room and gallantly killed the snake.

Usually I don’t get afraid, I killed animals and even went hunting in the past, but this was a close call. I’ve been so full of thanks to God. “Though I “sleep” on snakes…I shall not be bitten.

My chair must be finished tomorrow wether they like it or not. I’ve been patient enough.

Make Una thank God for me oo