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Judge Orders Inmates Convicted For Stealing Cassava To Be Given 36 Strokes Of The Cane Twice A Week…

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According to legal practitioner and a member of the NGO, Joint Legal Action Aid, Cyril Odiboh, two inmates of the Federal Prison in Ubiaja, Edo state who were convicted for stealing cassava are being flogged 36 strokes of the cane twice every week as part of their punishment for stealing. The lawyer said he was in court yesterday and he witnessed the incident. He said himself and his team would be appealing the judgment and would do a research to find out if the court went out of line by asking the inmates to be flogged. What he wrote on his Facebook page below



FOUR INMATES of the Federal Prisons in Ubiaja, who were CONVICTED OF STEALING CASSAVA from their victims farm, were flogged thirty six strokes of cane respectively, in the Magistrate Court, yesterday. They have been receiving this hellish odeal every Tuesday and Thursday for the first three months of their twelve calendar months prison sentence.

Only an appeal of the judgement can save the prisoners from the horrific experience I witnessed them go through at court yesterday. It is particularly of concern to me, more because no convicted fraudsters, politician or vandals of our common wealth has ever been sentenced to such hellish experience of thirty six strokes of canning twice in a week. Could it be because the convicts were too poor to afford legal representation?
My heart bleeds for the poor and the needy who are tempted to steal food for their survival. Esan South East of Edo State must be a no go area oh. Pray not to be charged to the Magistrate Court in Ubiaja, it may become your road to Guantanamo concentration hell.
Only an appeal to the high Court can vary the terms of their convictions. But unfortunately the high Courts are on break, until September.
May God have mercy on His people.


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