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Man Shares How He Miraculously Survived A High Tension Cable (Photo)

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Facebook user, Damian Issac just shared a testimony online explaining how a high tension cable fell on him at Aina Bus-Stop, Isolo – Lagos yesterday. 

‘Just now: a high tension wire drops and hits me very hard in my chest, at Isolo, Aina bus stop. While am grateful to God that I wasn’t electrocuted, I am very sad at the state of this nation, and how many have died due to broken high tension.
A few eye witness were thanking God for me.  While some of us are working hard to solve a few social problems, it looks like Nigeria’s problem is so much that if every citizen picks one to solve we would still have a million and one of them. I told someone until those trucks carrying containers that have consistently killed our people on the road falls on a sitting Governor and dies like a commoner there won’t be solution to it. Why can’t our electricity distribution companies place all high-tension wire passing through a community on a suspended hanger so that if any of them breaks, it will not fall on people.  This country sef haff tired me since I was born. Cables everywhere on the street and yet no electricity supplied. We watch movies we don’t see cables scattered everywhere in Hollywood movies and electricity is uninterrupted. But why?’.
He also went on to explain how his mum and sister were at home praying for him at about the same time the incident happened to him.
See his post below…

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