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Must Watch: 2 Nigerians In Dublin Fight Their Landlord Who Wanted To Evict Them


Two young Nigerian men living in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, have shown that they cannot be intimidated in any way after they engaged their landlord in a serious battle after he wanted to evict them.

The young men who are obviously of the Yoruba stock, were not happy that their Irish landlord wanted to eject them from his house after they mistakenly set fire to the property.

In the video showing the young guys engaged in a free for all fight with the old landlord and some of his friends, the Nigerians are ready and up in arms with heavy sticks which they threatened to deal with the landlord and the other men who wanted to get them out of the house by force.

The very angry guys are seen and heard threatening to deal with the landlord and one of them who was referred to as Dami by the other fighter was the most serious as he challenged one of the Irish men to touch him and see what a Nigerian can do.


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