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If You Are Not Happy With Buhari, Vote Him Out Says Ooni of Ife!!


During an interview with the Osasu Show, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwunsi stated that if the people are not satisfied with the president, he should be voted out or else he should be retained.

He also added that the people do not know the power the voting possess and urged the citizens to be united and organised as there is power in numbers.

When asked on the Osasu show on what the government can do better for the youths of the country, he was quoted saying

“Why must it be government, government? Who is government? It is the people that are behind the government.

“If you are not happy with your president, you go for another election, and you will vote your president out. If you are happy with your president, you will continue with that government for them to be in power.

“Truth be told, we Nigerians don’t know our power yet. We don’t know our voting power, yet. Until we know it, we won’t stop complaining, especially the youth. Once we know it, we won’t complain again.

“My school of thought is let us, first of all, organise ourselves and let us talk positively about this country. Let us stop derogatory, hate speeches. Things that will continue to divide everybody further.”

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