Kidnappers kill directly politicians murder us indirectly! It is easier for kidnappers, politicians, pastors and imams to enter the kingdom of God like a camel would through the tiny hole of a needle than those of you doubting if the notorious kidnappers can or cannot get justice in court of law. Some of you have forgotten that in a democracy such as ours, the rule of law must hold. A man must be presumed innocent until he is proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

Some of you are unaware that there is judge shopping by which a case is pushed to some judge whose philosophy, disposition and needs are well known to trusted Senior Advocates to push. It will also help if a Queens Counsel is flown from London to complement many lawyers that will overwhelm, not the judge, but public show. It will not be the first time. What many people do not understand is that even after shopping for favorable judge, lawyers must appear vigorous.

This is not Bar Beach Show mind you it is serious business. Evans knew he had to put some hard currencies in US dollars, Euro and British pounds abroad to pay into the accounts of his lawyers, judges and some top police officers. Please do not discount top prisons officers, their role will be explained later. It goes beyond sumptuous prison accommodation that many of you hear of. The politicians as other murderers of youths, women and children enjoyed it as prisons’ hotel.

Before we go any further, please note that the rights of Evans have been violated. This man was initially entitled to his legal advocate, that is his SAN and so advised before forcing him to sing like a parrot. Do not forget, this is American system of government we are practicing. Even if the right is not explicit, he should have had the opportunity to his counsel.

If you think this is a joke eh, the whole case can be dismissed based on forced confession. Can you imagine so many Kill-And-Go putting your balls on fire? Will you or will you not sing like a parrot and tell them what they want you to say. In a civilized country like ours with democracy stamped on our forehead, we do not joke in court of law with the rights of kidnappers, armed robbers, pen robbers, politicians, body traders, drug peddlers and of course pastors and imams.

Please, a beg nah make I land. You remember we discussed judge shopping earlier. Trusted and serious lawyers have opined that we need a tribunal to try all these looters of lives, properties and treasury. The one that should be appointed for Evans must be Danladi Umar, yes the Umar that allowed Saraki to go free. He had a precedent in the person of Asiwaju Tinubu of Treasure Land in Lagos. Their fate may change like Evans if Police and Judges are replaced on duty!

Danladi Umar could dismiss the case against Evans based on coerced confession without right to a legal counsel. Umar is sharp and bold enough to do it. Some of you may remember that he was exonerated of a previous charge of corruption. Only believers in our justice system would trust him with Saraki’s case. Saraki has more money than the lords many of you worship. He proved it and bought everyone to his freedom. He is not stupid like Ibori that took to his heels. Why run from the Country when you can buy your way to freedom?

Even if that fails and a judge like Umar chickens out, the case would move forward. Those of you listening in our God-given country must have heard that all the corrupt judges that were caught red-handed with more money than Jesu and Mohammedu would ever need to entice or prosecute their conversion to Christianity and Islam; were recalled back on the bench. Now tell me who are the people these judges are going to try?

Please Evans direct your SANs to shop for Justice Ademola if that bold Umar chickens out. You cannot get a better judge. He will be fair and just and more important, he can sympathize with you because he had been “falsely” accused like you only to be exonerated.
Professor Osagie wants the law to changed so that there could be forfeiture of properties by a person without the person being convicted. Some of us may want to ask the professor how many times are we going to change the laws, the constitution and the whole system before our cunny men and women get around hem. There is no law in any country that men and women that should spend their time judiciously making substance out of their talents than turn into crimes.

Some of you think Evans case is too much in the public domain for any judge to mess up. In that case, Saraki’s case was taken out of public eye and suspended or delayed until we were hit with a bomb of no case to answer. Sometimes we develop convenient amnesia. The only trial that went its full course was that of Tafa Balogun. It was a rarity in our part of the world. Please stop blaming prosecutors that worked their hearts out only to be frustrated by corrupt legal system.

If the worst come, Evans can still go free. You remember the role of the top prison officers as noted earlier? We will wake up one day and it will be announced that Evans has escaped in the middle of the night to unknown destination. Our system has been corrupted – though by a few powerful people in power, they have implicated all of us. Indeed, our children look up to them and worship them as their only way of survival.
No be Nigeria we dey? During discussions, it has been postulated that almighty God works in mysterious ways when it comes to a sinner that is willing to repent. In order words, a sinner can kill multitude of people, repent and enter the Kingdom of God. There are reasons Muslims pray five times a day, Catholics go to confessions and armed robbers pray before they set out on their daily or midnight business.

Therefore, if you are an atheist that refuse to go to Church or Mosque, do no evil, see no evil and love your fellow man or women (after all they are created in the image of God); you will not go to heaven reserved for worshippers of God. Atheists spend most of their time claiming religion is a scam and most of the people in it are on some drugs worse than opium. Think about all the good religions have done to Africans in their Continent.

Solution. An old man was teargased while demonstrating in “Occupy Lekki”; he fainted. This man was so mad that he had to participate. This is not his time, it is not his future and there is little he could do. This is the fight for the youths. You have to take these vagabonds on and destroy their legacy, greed and indifference. They have no stake in your Country but to milk it.

Farouk Martins Aresa