It is the very pathetic story of a cleptomaniac who has operated serial flights since the age of 14 years. For those who do not know, cleptomania is a disorder by which the individual has a pathological propensity to theft. He can not help but fly.

I have a problem that I fight since the age of 14 years. I am a cleptoman, my mother consults several pastors for prayer sessions, but nothing has changed. I tried several times to keep me from stealing but I succumbed every time.

I work now and I thought that when I start making money, I will stop stealing but nothing to change. I keep flying.

My current news is that I have a boyfriend that I love very much. Our relationship has been going on for 6 months, he made me meet his parents. He took me to visit his parents at home, there was a party and I found myself in his mother’s room.

I took jewelry and pearls, I returned them but took them more than 5 times. I finally took them. Currently, they accuse one of their cousins ​​of stealing them because she once flew when they were younger. Even the police were involved. I feel so guilty. I am about to divide a family.

Should I ‘sacrifice’ the poor cousin to save my relationship? If I confess it to my boyfriend he will surely drop me. No reviews please. I really need your advice … What to do?