Following the open letter ex-Zenith Bank worker John Okeikhan Edobor, wrote his wife Ivie Edobor after jumping bail and eloping with his mistress to United States, who eventually dumped him after his Visa was revoked (facilitated by his wife), it has been revealed that the estranged husband was able to travel to the United States with forged divorce papers.

We had a chat with a close family source who pleaded anonymity, and damning revelations were bared. According to the family source, John’s Visa was revoked after project Alert wrote to the American Embassy on behalf of Ivie Edobor, attaching the case file and other documents to back it up. Ivie’s family reportedly became suspicious when John, who was dragged to court in a domestic abuse lawsuit stopped showing up in court since March.

we also gathered that John has moved from the apartment he was staying, and the number he was using in US has been disengaged.

When asked if they will go on with the lawsuit to get justice, when John is deported to Nigeria even with his public apology, the family source said;

“He must be brought to pay for his crimes. Imagine having a criminal case ongoing and all he could think off was to jump bail and eloped.

He lied that he was sacked with no money, but we later found out he was given an option to resign and paid full benefits by the bank, yet he ran off leaving his wife he severely injured with an unpaid hospital bills of 2.7m  and 3 kids to feed

Do the kids miss their dad?

“The kids and and their mum have moved on. They have no good memories of their dad apart from the pain they’ve been through. The separation they felt when was their mum was in the hospital for over 2 months.

Ivie’s first daughter has graduated from primary school and is moving on to secondary.

He even forged divorce certificate and presented to the embassy to enable him travel whereas our divorce case is still ongoing in the Lagos high court. The presiding judge Justice Idowu verified that d document was forged”

Digging deep to find out if the fake divorce paper claim was true, Lailasblog found out from a reliable source in the Surulere magistrate court, that the divorce papers was really forged. According to the source, Ivie was the one who filed for divorce and yet John had a certificate forged which he reportedly never served his wife. It was also gathered that the ‘so called registrar’ that signed the divorce papers,  had long retired from the magistrate court. All this was done so John could marry and elope with his mistress.


When asked if Ivie knows her husband’s mistress, the source said;

“They had been seeing even before he got married to Ivie. He even sent Ivie their picture in a compromising position to spite her, knowing that she had gone into depression. The photo has also been presented to the judge as evidence.

She was an older woman with loads of money. He also posted their photos on Facebook, sent it to Ivie’s family members saying he had moved on. He isn’t sorry he is just looking for sympathy”

On the apology letter John wrote his mother in-law, the family source had this to say; 

“As soon as we saw the letter to Ivie’s mum  on Lailasblog, we knew the story was real because he wrote that letter to Ivie’s mum in July 2016, pleading with his mum to make his wife drop the case.

The letter wasn’t written recently, Lailasblog asked; 

“Nope. He wrote the letter in July 2016, While Ivie was still in hospital battling for her life and the case had already been charged to court. John isn’t sincere, once he doesn’t get his way he changes like the weather”.

Well in his apology letter to Ivie, he said he was sorry he messed things up after Ivie gave him all, what do you have to say about that?

“He was given a chance. Ivie didn’t speak up about the June attack till September, he had all the time to make amends.  His people even went to see Ivie’s dad while she was still in hospital to plead on his behalf, yet he did the direct opposite. He left hospital bill unpaid and taunted her for taking the case to court. He even told the hospital to keep her that he had no money to pay after dropping 500k out of N3.2m bill. God really saved Ivie because her leg would have been amputated, but now she has titanium rods and screws in her leg permanently. She’s pushing through the pain and learning how to walk”

What did he hit the leg with that got it that badly damaged?

“A wheelspanner was used in hitting Ivie’s leg continuously. That’s the front and side view stay of Ivie’s leg (see photos attached). She suffered ptsd post traumatic stress disorder, and can’t sleep unless she’s sedated. She still have nightmares of that night till date. He was a cult member in school, maybe that’s what he is still practicing. However Ivie is just glad to be alive to watch her kids grow. He must be brought to book so other wife beaters will know it’s no longer business as usual.”

What has his family done about the issue so far? Were they on his side?

“The family was pided but his immediate family supported him. They even covered the fact that he sold off his things, moved out of his house in Lagos to the village and then traveled. 

They were appealing a bit early this year but as soon as he traveled, they stopped showing up in court. 

At our last hearing, a bench warrant had to be issued by the judge for his surety to be picked and remanded till John is produced”

Who is his surety?

“I don’t know, I was in the hospital with Ivie when he was charged to court initially. The next court sitting is on the 8th of August 2017. Oh by the way, Ivie has been teaching her kids to understand that not all men are like their father.”

Was John always violent when he got married, or did something make him change?

“He was verbally abusive, even physically abusive on some occasions. The fact that Ivie had 3 girls was topic of discussion every other day, but not as extreme as last incident that left her disabled”.