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VIDEO: Pastor Walks Out Of Wedding In The Middle Of Church Wedding Ceremony; It’s a Marriage Of Immigration, It Has No Papers!!

Pastor walks out of marriage

Now I dont know how I feel about this, but I would say, I strongly disagree with what the pastor did, but some part of me want to praise him as well. He refused to marry this couple because he felt the guy was taking advantage of the girl to gain papers in USA – the time came for him to ask the “do you take blah blah blah question” and pastor went off asking about papers and so on – once the pastor confirmed that paper issues, he hugged the bride and walked out, proclaiming that the man has no papers and it is a marriage of immigration, not a marriage of love! I do not think any pastor is in a position to make such life decisions for any grown adult and he is wrong for doing this and the way he did it, however, I think the groom (husband-to-be) is wrong as well, (forgive me if I am wrong), but the scenario works so much against him – how can you allow the pastor hug the woman you are about to marry and you claim to love her?  Why was there no consultation/counseling before the proper wedding especially since it is a church wedding? Don’t get me wrong, I cant conclude now, because this man might decide not to protest because he is shy and embarrassed by not having papers, however papers does not define love! Love should be independent of him having papers or not – simply put, he was accused and he did not deny, but all in all the pastor created a scene that was unnecessary, he should have handled the situation alot better, but who knows, he might have saved the young lady a life of heartbreak, or be the cause of her heartbreak if they were truly on love!, on the fence for this one, but the pastor’s conduct is WRONG! no one should be interfering in people choosing their life partners (ofcourse except if you are Bill Gates, Dangote or Otedola)

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