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Confession: ”My Husband Sold Me To His Boss: Here’s What He Did To Me”


My husband worked in an import-export business where he earned a very good living. We had just come to marry when he took me to his service for the first time. I wanted to thank those who had contributed to the smooth running of our marriage. His boss especially. He was on a business trip when Moise and I got married. But he still supported us. For this, as soon as he returned from traveling, we decided to thank him. I was sitting in the living room of the office, facing him. This big gentleman has not stopped staring at me. He congratulated us. He told my husband that I was very beautiful and gave us advice for our couple life. Moses was his accountant and they got on very well.

We lived in a four-room villa in Badiala. I loved Moses very much, he was my first and only man. I was 24 and he was 32 when we got married. My husband loved the “show”, he was out all the time. I knew he loved me. But he could not help but run other girls in the show. I knew all this since I knew him well. I am shy in nature. I do not like to complain, and I think that’s what prompted Moses to make me his wife. To console myself, I thought that if he had chosen me, instead of another, it was because I had assets that others did not have. I swore by him. I was taking lessons in undergraduate accounting that he was paying. Financially, he did not skimp on the means. As he liked to be seen well, he wanted me to be always well. It was he himself who chose the models of my clothes, the bags and the shoes that went with it. Basically, I was like a doll in her hands. He shaped me as he pleased. I confess that I felt thus loved.

Two days after our visit to his work, the boss of Moses called home. He wanted to talk to my husband. I told him he was away. Besides, his cell phone was with me because I had to receive a call from my brother who lives in the United States: mine had fallen into the water. Mr. Koumarre kindly asked me to spend the next day at his office to take another laptop. He was so kind that I replied that I would come with Moses the next day. When my husband arrived, I told him about the call from his boss and he immediately called back. The next day, with Moses, I went to his service. My husband told me that he had a lot to do and asked the secretary to introduce me to Mr. Koumarre. I did not want to go alone. I knew I would feel uncomfortable, once alone with him. When I returned to his office, he kissed me tenderly.

Almost on the mouth and installed me in her private lounge. I was very intimidated. He served me to drink and did not cease to compliment me. It was with a big smile that he offered me a laptop of last generation. I was amazed; I already imagined the reaction of my class friends. In addition to the device, he gave me 50,000 francs for my return transport. When he got out of the office, he grabbed me by the waist, I hurried to take my leave of him because I could not stand his manners. I went to the office of Moses to introduce the laptop and the money. Apparently, he did not seem as surprised as I was by the gifts of his boss. He just said that Mr. Koumarré was very generous. I did not fail to tell him that the latter did not inspire me any more confidence because he took too much freedom with me. Moses laughed and assured me that he was like that with everybody. Frankly, I did not want to have any contact with this man I thought was rude. Two months later, Mr. Koumarre called me and asked to see me alone. My heart beat, I was fearful. I replied that I was very busy.

He retorted that he was very patient and would wait. I inform Moses who did not find it abnormal that his boss wanted to see me alone. A few months later, I noticed that Moses had become distant towards me. When I asked him what was wrong, he did not give me a clear answer. This lasted several weeks. One evening in bed, Moses informed me that he had big problems in his business and that he risked jail. According to him, after an audit, his boss discovered a ten million hole in the accounts of the company. And as he was the accountant, all suspicions weighed on him. I was suffering just by thinking that my husband could go to jail. I would not stand that. What was to become of him, even after his release from prison? I suggested that we see our respective families to help us resolve this problem. They would be reimbursed later. Moses refused. He found it humiliating. I tried to make him understand that it was preferable to prison. He did not want to know.

He told me that there was another solution that depended on me. In fact, his boss asks that I sleep with him so that he spends the sponge on this affair and runs it back in his functions. I was unhappy and furious at the same time. The life of my couple depended on it. Since my husband talked to me about it, I realized he wanted me to do it for him. Not only had I known no other man but him, but this fat Mr. Koumarre disgusted me. I saw him coming from the start. He has now succeeded. The dignity of my husband in exchange for my body. It was monstrous! But did I have a choice? Moses begged me to do it in the name of our love. I finally gave in. M. Koumarre received me at his house. I was crying so badly. Imagine that this monster wanted to make love to me without a condom. But I strongly opposed it. He made me do shameful things that Moses would never have asked of me.

For four hours, this man has made me his thing. When I got home, I could not walk. Moses was waiting for me at home all sad. When I arrived, I went directly in the shower. I spent more than an hour washing myself as if it could erase what I had suffered. All night, Moses asked me to forgive him. He promised me that it would never happen again, that he would love me for life. Considering the sacrifice I had made for him. The following days, Moses was rather quiet and had resumed his work normally. He offered me a car and changed the furniture of the house. I still felt bad despite the many gifts he offered me. I still advised him to go there gently with his madness of grandeur because it cost me my dignity. He told me he regretted everything that had happened with his boss. That is why he was so anxious to please me. As for M. Koumarre, he called me all the time. But when I saw his number, I did not pick up. I asked my husband to tell him not to call me again. But his boss continued. One day, he insisted so much that I closed my laptop. In the evening, about six o’clock, I was alone at home when the doorbell rang. I rushed to open, having in mind that it was my husband. To my surprise, it was Mr. Koumarre. I wanted to close the door but he came in by force. He immediately closed the door behind him. Mr. Koumarre caught me and wanted to kiss me.

I pushed him away. He continued to brutalize me and tried to rape me. I yelled and I ended up knocking him out with the coffee maker that was right next door. He blew heavily and I became frightened. Fortunately, he did not lose consciousness. He was just stunned. I quickly called Moses, who arrived about a dozen munitions later. Curiously, he reproached me for having hit his boss. The latter told Moses that he had not respected his share of the contract, for it was agreed that he should sleep with me when he wished. I did not understand anything. I asked my husband to explain what it was. But Moses remained silent. It was then that Mr. Koumarre swung me in the face that he had bought me for ten million and a car. And if I refused to satisfy him, my husband would have to repay his money, otherwise he would dismiss him. I could not believe it! The story of the ten million hole in the company’s accounts was a lie to me. Moses had purely and simply sold me to his odious patron. And I thought that he had offered me the car to appease me.

I could not help but slap him. I immediately picked up all my belongings and called my brothers to help me move from Moses. I can never forgive him what he did to me. I went back in the family despite the intervention of my parents, to whom I did not dare to tell the truth. Since then, Moses has not stopped asking me for forgiveness. Naturally, his relationship with his boss took a hit. I asked for a divorce because I am convinced that Moses never loved me.

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  1. Hasheem musa Sani

    July 3, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Sorry to say your husband he’s vary stupid, and he don’t love you any more.

  2. Michael warda

    July 4, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    very sorry madam, is even very good that u divorced him. the Lord will bless u and will promote u for the good u done.

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