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Meet The 79-Year-Old Man, Lothario Chris, Who Has Slept With Over 2000 Women (Photos)


Lothario Chris Culleton says he has been a ladies’ man all his life and has bedded an astonishing 2,084 partners – the equivalent of 33 a year if he started at 16-years-old

A septuagenarian has revealed he has slept with over 2,000 women – double that of Playboy boss Hugh Hefner who claimed to have bedded 1000 women.

Lothario Chris Culleton1

Chris claims he met many of the women he’s been with while working as a music promoter bringing bands to Warrington in Cheshire.

According to Daily Mirror, he says he was such a romantic he turned down jobs with the Rolling Stones and Radio Caroline because of love.

But after decades of playing the field he says he is now giving up dating to take up FISHING instead – saying ‘women are too much trouble‘.

Lothario Chris Culleton2

Chris, of Longford, Cheshire, was given his nickname the ‘Longford Lover’ by local policemen who used to see him with different girls.

He said:

“I had this reputation – it wasn’t all me I was pursued a lot.
”I had this reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man because I was always seen coming home late at night after I’d dropped a girl off.
”When I was working at Marks and Spencer, I met this trainee manageress, a Swedish girl. I was a porter then and they were all jealous when she went out with me.
“I was walking out of a hotel and there were two policemen outside and they said ‘oh look it’s the Longford Lover’. And it stuck.”

Lothario Chris Culleton3

The pair married and had a child together, but got divorced in the 1970s after the relationship went sour.

But the grandfather of two now spends his days fishing and is proud president of the SHAG club, Stockton Heath Angling Group. He says he gave up dating at the age of 77 because ‘women are too much trouble‘.

However it all changed when he met the mother of his son, who would later break his heart.


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