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Meet The Mother And Daughter Who Are Both Barristers Of The Supreme Court Of Nigeria

mother and daughter barrister2
Parents strive hard to make sure their children become successful in life; they invest in their education and do their best possible when it comes to equipping them with the basic things of life. Although there will always be low and high tides in life, how we make the most of the seasons will determine how far we will go in life.

Barrister Chioma Ohakim and Oma, her daughter

Investing in children pays a great deal as parents secure their future that way. Since we cannot live forever, it is better to make tremendous effort to leave a good legacy and guide the children while we have the time.

Ever since the pictures of Oma, the daughter of the former governor of Imo state surfaced, she has become a viral sensation. The young lady was called to bar in November 2016. The pictures were taken with her mother, Barrister Chioma Ohakim, who is a senior colleague.

Oma shared the pictures that generated sparks on her social media page. It is indeed a thing of joy to be in the same chosen field with one or both parents.

The barristers having a good time

The daughter of former governor Ikedi Ohakim looked lovely in these pictures. It is intriguing knowing that both mother and daughter are barristers and solicitors of the supreme court of Nigeria.

 The young barrister is super proud of herself and attributes her success story to the presence of her mother who she considers to be her role model and rock. These barristers are not just related by blood and profession, they are also namesakes.

Would you like your daughter or son to be in the same professional field as you?

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