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Unbelievable: See the Evil Mother Who Choked Her Daughter To Death While Expunging Demons From Her Body

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Kimberley Felder, a 45-year-old American mother is suspected of shovelling sand into her 11-year-old daughter’s mouth and eyes on a beach in an attempted exorcism.
Kimberley Felder
According to The Sun UK, Kimberley Felder is accused of ripping off her daughter’s clothes, before beating and biting her in a shocking assault in Ferndale, California.
A crowd of ten to 12 people witnessed the attack with one local resident even stepping in to save the child.
John Marciel struggled with the raging mother on the ground as she continued to batter her daughter with a piece of driftwood, The Sacramento Bee reports.
Humbolt County Sherrif’s Office, said the “mother stated she was trying to remove the Demons from the child.”
They went on to praise Mr Marciel adding: “If it were not for the intervention and heroic actions of John Marciel, it is very likely that the child would have been killed by Felder.”
The office has requested that Mr Marciel is awarded the Red Cross Live Saving Award for his actions.
The 11 year-old was taken to hospital after she sustained multiple injuries including severe damage to her right ear.
Ms Felder was arrested on charges of attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, felony child abuse and aggravated mayhem.

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