A man has been caught storming a bank completely n*ked in the wee hours of the morning and doing what has left many people dumbfounded.
The burglary which occurred at a State Bank of India branch in Pathankot has left everyone befuddled because the man came into the bank n*ked and ended up just making away with the guard’s shoes and some utensils. He even didn’t touch the money which would normally have been the target of every thief.
The strange case of robbery occurred at the branch at Jugial, and was discovered when officials found a broad hole dug up near the rear wall of the bank.
Security footage from CCTV cameras showed a totally n*ked man entering the bank through the hole dug by him at around 2:54 am on Monday.
He spent more than an hour at the bank before escaping the same way he came, taking with him a pair of shoes, two pressure cookers, and a pan.
Regional manager Vipin Mittal, who lodged a complaint at the Shahpur Kandi police station, claimed that the CCTV footage showed the man prancing about in the bank.
Police are trying to identify the person using the footage.
It is suspected that the man could be mentally challenged.