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Couple Drug And S3xually Abuse 5-Yr-Old Girl Multiple Times On Live Stream (Photo)

Couple Drug And S3xually Abuse 5-Yr-Old Girl Multiple Times On Live Stream

A couple is on trial for the sexual abuse of a minor which they livestreamed for another paedophile to watch.

Sarah Gotham, now 34, and her former lover, Craig Forbes, now 36, drugged a 5-year-old girl in Plymouth, England, performed sexual acts on her in front of a webcam, and streamed the abuse across the Atlantic to a paedophile woman in California. The sexual abuse happened no less than five times. Gotham and Forbes are accused of four joint counts of sexual assault against the child. Gotham alone is charged with two further counts of sexual assault. Gotham denied six charges of sexual assault on a child under 13 between December 2012 and March 2013.


The prosecution say the abuse was carried out by Sarah Gotham who was then in a sexual partnership with Craig Forbes. The sexual abuse was streamed live via a webcam to a woman in San Francisco. The child was “most probably drugged at the time” and unaware of what was happening to her.

Prosecutor Heather Hope told Plymouth Crown Court: “This case involves the sexual abuse of a child.”

Miss Hope told the jury that the evidence in the case was “extremely distasteful and downright revolting”. She said the woman in California, who the couple streamed the abuse to, admitted that she’s a paedophile, adding that the first of around five webcamshows happened in late 2012 or early 2013.

The prosecutor said: “It was a webcam connection. She was able to see both Craig and Sarah naked in bed”.

The child was also in the bed and when she stirred, the contact stopped and so did the streaming because the woman in the USA did not want to see the “little girl freaking out”. On another occasion, when Gotham was home alone, she performed sex acts on the child.

The abuse was discovered when FBI was investigating child exploitation and abuse and came across Skype names including one called Bad Girl Next Door. That led them to the door of the woman in California, who admitted that she was in contact with other paedophiles. She told them that she had engaged with a couple in the UK called Sarah and Craig. The FBI contacted Devon and Cornwall police who then investigated Gotham and Forbes.

Asides abusing the 5-year-old girl, the jury heard their Skype chat logs showed them give “very graphic descriptions of sexual abuse of children they found sexually arousing”.

The trial continues.


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