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Heartbroken Man Falls In Love With A S*x Doll After Losing Wife To Cancer (Photos)

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Imaginechina/REX/Shutterstock (5836312e) Chinese resident Zhang Wenliang weeps as he talks with his sex doll on the bed at home in Chongzhou city Man lives with sex doll to remember his deceased wife, Chongzhou city, Sichuan province, China - 18 Aug 2016 An elderly Chinese man is living with a sex doll to remember his deceased wife. Zhang Wenliang, 70, bought a sex doll made out of silica gel in 2015 after his wife died from pancreatic carcinoma. Zhang dresses the doll in his wife's favourite clothes and often talks with it as he used to do to his wife. He also places it at exactly where his wife used to sleep on the bed

A retired doctor has fallen in love with a s*x doll and hopes it will help him overcome the emotional pain he suffers after his wife died of cancer.

Zhang Wenliang is in love with the sex doll
A Chinese man has fallen in love with a s*x doll he believes is inhabited by the soul of his dead wife.
Zhang Wenliang, 70, sobs as he talks to the busy doll as it lies lifeless in the bed he used to share with his partner in Chongzhou city, Sichuan province. The man bought the doll at a whopping £1,800 in 2015 after the death of his wife from pancreatic cancer.
The retired doctor said: “I helped others overcome their diseases but with her illness I could not do anything.”
The man who couldn’t cope with the passing of his wife, began dressing it in her clothes, such as her favourite red cardigan, and placing it in the same part of the bed she used to sleep, The Sun reports.
He believes the doll is his wife’s ressurrection and talks to it as if it is his wife.
According to Chinese media, Zhang said: “I do not want her floating outside, I want her to live with me at home.
“I want to see her every day.
“Photos and the ashes are her soul and that fake doll is her body.”
He doesn’t want people to judge him as he has fallen deeply in love with the doll.
He added: “Maybe they are for entertainment, to meet the physiological needs, but I see it as a real person.”
But since buying the doll only a year ago, he says it has rapidly deteriorated. Now, Zhang has decided to sue the manufacturers after the joints and limbs became twisted and internal wiring controlling the temperature began to show.
He said: “I spent 16,000 Yuan – it’s not a small figure. But the quality is far too poor.”

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