Lionel Messi Has Surprised Many After Revealing His Thoughts On Cristiano Ronaldo – “He is a phenomenal player”


Disregard David versus Goliath, Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi is the greatest contention of them all. Everybody has their own particular sentiment on the matter yet  in reality, how do both players feel about each other?

Cristiano Ronaldo has constantly kept up a mutual regard with Messi, and the little conjurer has additionally regarded his long term ‘equal’.

“I really enjoy seeing him on the pitch and all the great players.” he told Fox Sports Argentina.

Ronaldo Messi
Image: PA

Ronaldo did admit that the pair were not exactly friends, but the mutual respect is definitely there: “Whenever I’m with him, I have a very good relationship with Messi,

“It’s not that I go to his house and eat together. He is not a friend, but I consider him a companion by profession and not a rival because I don’t like it, like comparisons.

“It is part of the work and the world of football.”

Image: PA

Just days after Ronaldo made the above comments, Messi has now chipped in with his own opinion and it again shows how much respect the pair have for each other.

Notice how I keep on repeating the word respect, but it’s a message to those who think Ronaldo hates Messi, and vice versa.

Messi claimed that four time Ballon d’Or winner is phenomenal: “No, I have always said it — and [Ronaldo] from his part — that he is armed with the presence of us both,” he said via ESPN

Image: PA

He then went onto say the following about the ‘phenomenal’ Ronaldo: “We try to achieve the best every year for our team, and what is said outside of that I don’t think is very important.

“He is a phenomenal player with a lot of quality. All the world knows, and that is why he is one of the best of the world.”

Whether you think Ronaldo is the better player, or Messi, you cannot deny that the mutual respect here is admirable.

image: PA

Well played, lads.


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