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Meet Oluwaseun Talabi, The Nigerian Hero Who Tied A Baby To His Back To Escape London Tower Fire

Oluwaseun Talabi

Nigerian man, Oluwaseun Talabi has been described a hero by London residents for saving the life of his girlfriend, and his daughter in the London Grenfell Tower fire. Wont to being referred as Seun, he was living with his girlfriend and their daughter on the 14th floor of the tower.


In a recent interview with 5 news, Seun said: “I have always been paranoid about that block anyway. So I just heard fire, fire, fire and I got up and I woke everyone else up. And everyone wore their clothes and everything and had to run out of the door but as soon as I opened the door, all I could see was the smoke so we ran back in”

London Grenfell Tower fire

Seun made a split second decision to escape the building with his daughter tied to his back, with 14 bedsheets, held his girlfriend and ran down the stairs as flames threatened to burn them up. Seun had planned to climb down the building using the sheets didn’t work because his daughter was afraid. He ultimately saved their lives with his action.


As a way of appreciating Seun for saving the life of his niece, the girlfriend’s brother who is known on Twitter as Lordie tattooed Seun’s name on his back, which reads: ‘Seun. Thank you’. He captioned the photo: “Just got something for my [expletive] hero, Seun who saved my sis & my niece. I owe him everything.”

“I didn’t think I was going to make us,” he said. “I didn’t think any of us were going to make it. When we got to the third floor we saw firemen down there, because I had my daughter tied to my back so they grabbed her off me.”

He added that a few other people had taken shelter in his flat who didn’t make it out, saying: “None of them made it out but we had to take that chance… If we didn’t take that chance we wouldn’t be here now.”

Seun’s actions have warmed the hearts of many, who describe him as a ”total hero”, ”brilliant father”

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