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Odd!!! Jealous Wife Stripped And Stood Naked In The Sea In Protest After Her Husband Went Partying (Photos/Video)

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An angry and jealous 40-year-old Chinese woman stripped off her clothes and stood naked in the sea for over an hour in protest after her husband went partying with his work mates in Pattaya, Thailand.

After waiting for him till midnight, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, she took off her clothes and entered the water at Jomtien Beach, leading police and rescue workers on a merry dance as she refused to come out for over an hour.

The woman later identified as Zhang Yan, stood there naked as the day she was born much to the amusement of the crowd who had gathered to see what all the fuss was about.

Ranting and raving in her mother tongue, nobody had a clue what her issue was and eventually she walked out the water on to the sand where she was wrapped in a towel and taken down the station to tell her story.

Initially cops were concerned for her state of mind but it eventually came out in the wash when an interpreter translated her tale.

It turned out her husband had went out to party with his workmates on Walking Street and hadn’t returned home at a reasonable hour sending her into a jealous fury, although it wasn’t made clear what she aimed to achieve by going into the sea starkers miles away from where he was indulging in all that Walking Street has to offer.

Thai media reported the husband finally made an appearance back at the hotel at 4.30am which sent the naked protestor into a rage.

More photos and the video below…




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