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Trump’s ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ Kills 36 ISIS Fighters In Afghanistan  


As many as 36 suspected Isis fighters have been killed after the US dropped ‘the mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan.

It is the first time the bomb, known as GBU-43, has ever been used in combat since it was developed in 2003, the Afghan Defence Ministry said on Friday.

Though the claims have not been confirmed, ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said no civilians were harmed in Thursday’s massive blast that targeted a network of caves and tunnels.

In a statement, he said;

‘No civilian has been hurt and only the base which Daesh used to launch attacks in other parts of the province, was destroyed

Hakim Khan, 50, who lives in the Achin district where the attack took place, welcomed the attack on ISIS, and said:

‘I want 100 times more bombings on this group.’

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