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WHAT?? Venomous Snake Bites Man, Man Bites Wife So They Could Die Together!!


An Indian man was nibbled by a venomous snake and after that chomped on his wife’s wrist in an attempt to die together, as indicated by a report.

The man, Shankar Rai, was sleeping in Birsingpur town when the reptile attacked him, India Today reported.

Upon waking, he realized his condition was worsening and that he’d likely die.

“He told me he loved me too much and wanted to die together before grabbing my wrist and sinking his teeth into it,” his wife, Amiri Devi, said. “I allowed him to do it.”

Rai eventually died but his wife survived after being rushed to a hospital.

“The woman could be saved as her treatment began on time. She is safe now,” a doctor said, the news site reported.

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