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WTH: 33-Year-old Married Middle School Teacher Caught In Car ‘Doing IT’ With 15-Year-Old Student!!



According to report, one 33-year-old Pamela Stigger has been nabbed after a police officer reportedly caught her having s_ex with her former teenage student at 2 o’clock in the morning this past week.

As reported, the Broward County middle school teacher was brought into custody on Thursday (May 11) and is being charged with two counts of s’exual assault on a minor between the ages of 12 and 18, along with one count of lewd and lascivious activity on a minor.

Stigger, who reportedly also is married, denied having s’exual contact with the teen, despite him being found n_ude from the waist down. According to reports, the woman blamed the teenager for the incident, claiming he was “attempting to seduce her” when cops approached the vehicle in the middle of the night. The teenager reportedly told authorities that he did have s’ex with Stigger.

Investigators have shared that they do not believe there are any other victims. It has been reported that she was the teenage boy’s 8th-grade drama teacher and had some sort of custodial relationship.

“She did say that she was in the process of mentoring this past student of hers, even though it was two o’clock in the morning, and they were in the back seat of a car,” the sheriff’s spokeswoman Gina Carter shared with reporters.

The school has since released a statement saying that Stigger has been “administratively reassigned away from the school, and will not be permitted access to students.”

In addition to teaching drama, Stigger is an actress herself, with her IMDB page listing several upcoming movies she’s set to appear in this year.

One parent, Carl Barry came forward to share that he was shocked by the news. His daughter, a member of Stigger’s Junior Thespian Troupe, was invited to compete in a National Thespian Competition under Stigger’s leadership.

“I saw her get performances out of these children that were fantastic,” Barry said. “I know this is going to crush her. They worked too hard to prepare for this.”

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