A young couple were completely humiliated as they were stripped naked and physically assaulted by 18 tribal villagers in India for secretly marrying. The appalling scenes were filmed in Shambhupura village in the Banswara district of Rajasthan, after the local Kangaroo Court, ordered the lovers’ humiliation because they married without their family’s consent.Couple Kachru, 21, and Monica, 19, were in a secret relationship for two years before they finally decided to get married and then flee to Gujarat.

But the couple were hunted down and ordered back to their village after Monica’s parents allegedly found out about the relationship and they were reported to the village head.

The girl’s family had allegedly already sold her for Rs 75,000 (£905) and was paid Rs 5,000 (£60) in advance for her to marry another boy in a neighbouring village.

As a warning to others and to teach the couple a lesson the village Panchayant, which is the Kangaroo Court, ordered them to be stripped and paraded naked in the village’s centre.

Officer Ravinder Kumar Singh, the station house officer at Kalinjra Police Station, said the woman’s parents were forcing her to marry someone else. Officer Singh said the police got to know about the shocking incident two days after it took place on Sunday April 16.

18 people have been arrested in connection with the case…