‘I Was R*ped Every Day For Six Months’: Yazidi Girl Says After Escaping From ISIS!!

‘I Was R*ped Every Day For Six Months’

A Yazidi girl has spoken of the great pain she went through at the hands of ISIS militants after she was captured and used as a sex slave.

In 2014, ISIS fighters attacked the Yazidis, an ethnic Kurdish group in northern Iraqi, killing the men and capturing women as sex slaves.

Ekhlas, who was 14 at the time, tried to escape but was not fast enough. She was kidnapped along with thousands of other Yazidi women. She was held by ISIS as a sex slave for six months.

“Every day for six months he raped me. I tried to kill myself,” she told the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show.

“He picked me out of 150 girls by drawing lots. He was so ugly, like a beast, with his long hair. He smelt so bad, I was so frightened I couldn’t look at him.”

After six months, Ekhlas managed to escape as her captor was out fighting. She was taken to a refugee camp.

“How am I telling you this without crying? I tell you I ran out of tears,” she said.

She is now in Germany where she is under therapy and wants to become a lawyer in the future.

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